Clash Royale 2021

Are you looking for a game where the thrill of the battle unfolding right on your screen is combined with the cold beauty of strategy? Where your immediate decisions are backed up by plans you worked out in advanced and already tried in other similar situations? Where skill and luck harmoniously complement each other? Then you just can’t walk past Clash Royale 2021!

The point of the game is very simple: you need to destroy the opponent’s base by releasing various creatures on the battlefield. At the same time, the combats are so exciting that even Gandalf, who descended with the first rays of the sun, would envy their epic spirit. They are really dynamic and grab all of your attention. For a few minutes, you seem to fall out of reality and you need extreme concentration to stay in tune with what’s happening on the screen.

There are no heroes, only creature cards that can be summoned. This is done with the help of a local mana analogue called the elixir. It is gained gradually, and is limited to one dozen units. Accordingly, you won’t be able to save it up for one giant rush, and there are only four cards on your hands.

The goal of every battle in Clash Royale is to destroy the enemy’s castle and/ or demolish as many buildings as possible. The latter is turned on when both players have the castle intact, and the round is not over yet. Each round is three minutes long, excluding extra time. The dynamics sometimes simply scales from this. It’s especially noticeable when at the last minute the growth of the elixir doubles – that’s when a true massacre starts!

The game bases player development on mining and upgrading cards. There are not only unit cards, but also spells like fireball or cloud of arrows. What’s interesting is that to upgrade the player’s profile itself, you need not to win matches, but simply to improve cards. Due to the ability to customize the deck for yourself, having a limit of eight active cards, you can easily think over excellent strategies.

You can attack only with weak cards, launch tactical formations from cavalry under the cover of archers… Or throw fireballs at the enemy from a protected point on the map. The different cost of the cards only plays into the hands of strategists of all stripes and nationalities. You can try to come up with your own bold tactics in Clash Royale 2021 and celebrate a victory that is not just a matter of chance, but something you actually forged with your own hands!

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