Clash Royale Online Games Play Free

For years, fans of online fights have been playing Clash of Clans thinking that it’s the best game in this genre that can ever be. Then the same studio launched its new brainchild – Clash Royale. And now this game beats all the records in attracting new players despite being around for five years. What is its secret? What exactly makes it so great and impossible to stop playing? On this site, you’ll find different versions of Clash Royale and also some great tools for simplifying the gameplay and increasing your chances of victory!

Stunning variety of units, endless room for tactics!

The whole gameplay of Clash Royale can be divided into two parts. First, you participate in a battle (which won’t take up a lot of your time, since the fights run around three minutes, maybe five with extra time). And between them, you collect your rewards, upgrade your warriors, unlock new units and build your own deck. All units here are represented by cards that can be increased to a certain level if you find several of the same kind and join them together. Before the start of a new combat, you can choose a total of eight cards to use on the battlefield. Four of them will be on your hands. After using them up, you can resort to the rest four. Aside from units, cards are also used for buildings and spells.

To make a certain unit appear on the map, you need to summon it. Every card costs a certain amount of elixir that replenishes over time, but not too fast, so you have to use it wisely if you don’t want to run out of it in the middle of the fight when you need it most. Since you won’t have any other units that those you have already chosen before the beginning of the match, you need to make sure your deck is very well balanced and constantly come up with new tactics to apply in various situations. Along with the variety of cards, that gives players great strategic freedom allowing you not only enjoy the show unfolding on your screen, but also directly influence its course, both by preliminary preparations and the use of the right cards in the process.

Get rewards, upgrade your deck!

For victories, players get trophies that determine their rating and allow them to unlock new arenas. It also defines the level of opponents you are going to face. Another reward you will get after a fight is a chest with treasures. Each of them contains some useful items depending on the level of the arena and the type of the chest. Cards, gold and crystals – you can expect to discover a random ratio of these things. Note that you won’t get new cards all the time, some of them will be duplicates of those you already have. If you don’t need them, you can simply exchange them with other players. You can only open one chest at a time, but you can store up to four of them at your base.

Another great thing about Clash Royale is the system of clans. Every player can join a clan or set up a new one. Inside it, players can lend each other a helping hand in tough situations, share cards and discuss their tactics. Discover all these amazing features yourself and start playing Clash Royale online this very minute!

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