Brawl Legends

It used to be a quiet and peaceful town. Until the local kinds started a fight. And it wasn’t just a usual sorting out of the relationships where the most threatening weapons are fists and sticks. No, each of them got a gun somewhere and they dispersed throughout the neighborhood obviously intending to kill each other, for real! This is going to be a bloody shootout and only one person can survive in this lead hell. Will it be you? There is no certain answer to this questions, but you have to try and fight to the end in Brawl Legends!

The match will start with the choice of character and weapons. There are different kinds of guns in the game and you’ll have a chance to test them all in action. The firearms come with different characteristics and parameters that will be effective depending on your playing style and the distance you’re shooting from. But you definitely won’t run short of options to use depending on each particular situation!

Then the participants will be scattered around the town and will have to locate each other exploring it. At first, it will seem to you that the streets are empty. But remember that your opponents are afraid to die just as much as you, so they’re probably just moving quietly and carefully to catch you off guard. To avoid that, keep your eyes peeled and don’t make a lot of noise. At the beginning, it’s easy to die due to a sheer number of players that are still in the game. Maybe you like to come in loud, but the most efficient strategy for surviving in games like this is to remember about caution. The atmosphere will become more and more intense as there are less and less players left. If you are lucky to survive until the final showdown, you’ll find out what real action is! Play Brawl Legends online and enjoy every minute of this riveting trial!

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