Clash Royale 2

Out of a great number of MOBA running online, why is Clash Royale 2 so appealing to many players? There are several reasons and we are going to talk about them! First of all, it’s the variety of creatures and combinations. Each unit here is unique. And this is not a simple gradation in terms of attack power and the number of hit points. They differ in a lot of parameters. Someone flies, someone ignores the action and immediately runs forth to destroy the base, someone hits a large section of territory with one strike, someone leaves a bomb in their place after death to destroy all enemies in the vicinity. There are also a dozen different spells of very different properties. All this is intertwined into a host of options for synergies, combinations and unusual moves.

Each creature in your inventory is a card. In total, you can take a combination of 8 cards to the battlefield. At the same time, you will have only four in your hand, the rest come to replace them after they are used up. The right deck is the key to success. And when compiling it, one must look not only at the strength of the creatures, but also at their cost (each card costs a certain amount of elixir), defensive and attacking potential, the ability to beat towers and possible synergy.

The second thing that makes Clash Royale so amazing is the use of the territory. Your half of the map is the room for maneuver. Sometimes it is worth letting the enemy come closer to the towers and start attacking under a hail of arrows from your own base. Or over-aggregate the hostile troops so that they run away from the towers after your unit. Or launch a slow tank – a giant from the very edge of the map – while he is walking, your elixir has time to accumulate, and you can add a couple of your warriors behind the tank’s back. From time to time, real gambits are played here with the victims of your own soldiers and buildings for an instant, striking and deadly counterattack.

Of course, that requires great focus. During the battle, you constantly monitor a huge number of parameters: possible combinations of the enemy and their approximate level of elixir, your own moves, what is happening on both bridges, the amount of potential damage to the towers and further down the list. Clash Royale 2 is not just about blunt fights, it includes a strong element of strategy. If you are ready to show what you’re capable of, welcome to the game!

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