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We all know how important a well-balanced deck is to play Clash Royale successfully. To win, it is necessary to make sure the weak sides of your soldiers don’t overweigh their advantages, and their strengths work in an effective combination to ensure maximum effect. If your deck is not thought out thoroughly enough, you can face unpleasant situations on the battlefield and suffer a bitter defeat. But what if you are just starting to play and still don’t know all the subtleties? Or just want to play it safe and back up your strategic thinking with error-free statistics? Especially for this there is such a great application as Clash Royale Deck Builder!

It allows you to assess how strong your current deck is and what your odds are in the next battle, as well as create a really powerful tandem of units using easy built-in tools. The analysis provides a summary of all the cards in the deck. By default, the following parameters are specified for the deck: health, damage, damage to the tower and the minimum arena for receiving cards. Three charts are used for it: attack graph, defense graph, and statistics.

Attack and defense reflect the total damage of all cards in the deck taking into account the characteristics of the cards during the action. This includes single attack, air attack or defense, damage to buildings and zones, as well as spell attack and defense against tanks. Statistics allow you to evaluate the ratio of various indicators of the deck in order to understand which of them needs to be strengthened. You will see how balanced your attacking and defensive power, ranged and melee attacks are. The app also shows how prepared your army is to defend against ground and air forces, as well as your own attack rates in these aspects.

Thus, you get your hands on a great tool that allows you to significantly increase the chances of winning in battles. The interface is very simple and easy to understand. You just need to select the cards you want from the deck and enter their level. With Clash Royale Deck Builder, you will be able to correctly distribute forces within your army and show your best on the battlefield. This application is suitable for both beginners who want to avoid critical mistakes and quickly break into the leaders, as well as experienced players who just want to test their chances. Use it wisely and you will win battles much more often!

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