Clash Royale Update

The new Clash Royale update is already here and it brings in the biggest balance change in the game in recent years! There are 11 maps in the update list and all of them are getting significant alterations. Also, this time the developers decided to fix their mistake and made a decision to speed up the upgrading of cards. By the way, it’s time to talk about some of them separately.

The Crossbow is one of the most controversial cards in the game. After it has been reworked, it still remains a deadly threat, but at the same time isn’t that strong anymore when defending. The Crossbow attack is now more powerful than ever, capable of destroying enemies in fewer shots. But as a compromise, it has also become more fragile and stays much smaller in the arena.

Healing Spirit is often used in decks because it is as effective as Ice Spirit against cards like Skeleton Army. Also, such a card is excellent for protecting your tower from a gang of goblins and other small units. In the update, Healing Spirit has received damage reduction, so now in alliance with the Zap, it won’t kill a horde of minions.

Speaking about units, Guards have been equated to regular skeletons for consistency. This will result in a significant improvement in damage per second, but with less health. The undead have also been revamped. For instance, Skeleton Barrel is very popular in the game thanks to its ability to almost always get to a protected building. But this card must be niche, so it has received a health reduction. Graveyard will now produce the first skeleton slower, and one less of them. Since this spell can be used on defense towers, it is highly stable when dealing damage. The appearance of the first skeleton will now be longer, which will allow the defense to react much more efficiently.

This is only the beginning of a long list of changes made in the latest update of Clash Royale! It doesn’t make sense to enumerate them all – you have to play and see for yourself. Discover your favorite game from a new side and keep up with new content and tweaks!

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